Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260

Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260

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January 30th, 2012

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Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260 Description

Theme Creator Pro gives you much convenience with this useful tool designed to create, edit, browse and manage themes for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. The user-friendly user interface and some smart functions permits you to work efficiently and create themes in minutes.

With the latest version of Theme Creator Pro you can create and preview themes for following phone models:

  • T68/T68i/T68ie
  • T226
  • T230/T238
  • T300/T302/T306
  • T310/T312/T316
  • T610/T616/T618
  • T630/T628
  • Z600/Z608

For all other phone models, currently not supported by this version of TCPro, edit the theme (source XML code) manually and use TAR Wizard to create the theme! 

Major Features:

  1. User-friendly user interface
  2. Fast wysiwyg theme preview engines
  3. Theme browser to preview and manage themes with copy, move, rename and delete functions
  4. Theme editor, with some smart functions to help create themes quickly
  5. Ability to recognize missing pictures in themes
  6. Ability to save theme preview pictures
  7. Color check function to avoid selection of the same or to similar colors
  8. Additional theme information - extended theme tags (ett) like "creator", "modified by"
  9. Exact 256, 512 and 4096 color palettes for t6x, t3xx, t226 and t23x phone models
  10. Theme optimizations
  11. Theme templates
  12. Theme properties with extract feature
  13. Extract pictures directly from previews
  14. Image wizard
  15. Tar wizard to create themes manually
  • Pentium® class II CPU
  • 65536 color video card - 800x600
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 or Microsoft Windows® NT4
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Download Theme Creator Pro 3.1.260
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