SD Maid

SD Maid

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Android 1.6 and up
July 17th, 2012

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SD Maid Description

SD Maid is created to be a universal file tool that helps you keep your device neat and tidy.

Major Features:

  1. Remove corpses(left over files) from /dbdata/databases/ due to a bug in samsung firmware
  2. (Samsung devices only)
  3. Remove corpses from system,internal sdcard and external sdcard
  4. Cleans logfiles
  5. Removes stacktraces,
  6. Cleans caches
  7. Bugreport files
  8. Removes incomplete downloads
  9. Cleans temporary files
  10. Cleans Windows thumbs.db & Windows desktop.ini
  11. Cleans MacOs .DS_Store & MacOS ._* files
  12. Removes empty directories
  13. Cleans LOST.DIR directories
  14. Remove gallery thumbnails
  15. Find individual app caches [cleaning requires Pro version]
  16. Find duplicate files [cleaning requires Pro version]
  17. Limited functionality on non rooted devices
  18. File search function
  19. Exclude any file/directory
  20. Complete filemanager
  21. Show files that have been modified
  22. Clean market search history
  23. Show biggest files
  24. Vacuum databases
  25. Remove apps and system apps
  26. Reset apps back to default
  27. Freeze/unfreeze apps
  28. Remove apps without deleting their data
  29. View information about apps
  • Common
    • Added portuguese(brazil)
    • Added SGS3 external_sd path
    • Updated languages
    • Some code cleanup
  • Duplicates
    • Fixed highlighting
  • Android 1.6 or higher.
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Download SD Maid
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