Lock BBM 2.7.0

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Smartphone: 4.6.0 or higher
June 5th, 2012

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Lock BBM 2.7.0 Description

Lock BBM 2.7.0 is made to be a smart and proper app to ensure your complete PRIVACY and SECURITY.

Lock BBM allows you to password protect your BlackBerry® Messenger from unauthorized access and have a complete control over your BBM while leaving the device open for normal use like Phone, Internet, Games and Apps. 

  • The app requires to enter password after installation. Please go to your downloads folder and click on the app icon. Then enter any password of your choice of minimum 4 characters.
  • Access to BlackBerry® Messenger Individual Chat via Chat Notification in Message Application can not be locked. PLEASE uncheck this feature under: BlackBerry® Messenger- BlackBerry® Menu- Options- Miscellaneous- Show Chat in Message Application: UNCHECK
Major Features:
  1. For the first time, a BBM lock that prevents entry into BBM from Message Application (for group chat)
  2. Neat and simple UI
  3. Quickly switch between Lock and Unlock mode.
  4. Lock BBM on Application switcher
  5. Now works for BBM Group chat
  6. No problem of battery drainage!
  • Smartphone: 4.6.0 or higher
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Download Lock BBM 2.7.0
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